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A KMS2 Security solution is not just a set it and forget it security system. With KMS2, you’ll have an ongoing partner in making your environment more secure.

What is a KMS2 Security Solution?

Autonomous Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

At KMS2 we incorporate the latest technology with standard security practices, to ensure that you have an advanced system that is backed by tried and true best practices. And because our systems are customized for every client, they provide you with a unique solution that you can’t find in out-of-the-box systems.

When you choose to work with KMS2, you enter into an ongoing partnership. Our team works with you to make sure your system not only works right at the start, but evolves with your changing security needs. And our experienced staff has over 50 years of security experience, meaning we understanding the ever-evolving landscape of security and will help you stay on top of whatever comes your way.

Components You Need Within Budget

Re-writing security to fit your individual needs

  • Desktop and mobile applications with customized alert functionality
  • A wide variety of security camera options and upgrades
  • Solutions are tailored specifically for each customer and built in the USA

Not Just Out-of-the-Box

A Total Security Solution

There’s a common misconception that a single, out-of-the-box solution will fit every security need. But the set-it-and-forget-it systems that are popular on the market today are designed to fit everyone, which means they don’t fit anyone perfectly. While they do offer some protection, truly comprehensive security requires a customized solution that takes your specific needs into account.

If you want a solution that takes security to the next level, you need a plan that is designed to your home or business’ unique requirements.¬†From experienced security experts to state-of-the-art cameras with event capturing and tracking capabilities, a KMS2 security solution is uniquely designed to fit not only your security needs, but your individual budget as well.

Upcoming Events

41st Annual Flint Camper & RV Show
March 16 – 18, 2018
Dort Federal Credit Union Event Center, Flint, MI

We’ll be participating in Flint’s Camper & RV show with security system displays, including RV entry controls and portable backup cameras that can double as dash cams.

See For Yourself

Security Cameras in Action

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out the videos below to see demos of our security camera solutions. Provided by our partner, IC Realtime, these videos demonstrate the functionality available in any KMS2 Security solution.

Laser Night Vision

Watch the ultra-high wide dynamic range performance point-and-zoom camera with super long range laser night vision and proprietary built-in video analytics at work.

PTZ-23X7 Demo

The PTZ-23X7 delivers outstanding value while not sacrificing quality and performance. It uses a Sony Ex-View CCD that delivers 700TVL (960H Compatible) and has a powerful 23x Optical Zoom Module.

Dual-360-Degree Surveillance

Check out all of the amazing panoramic features of the IC720 and ALLie dual-360-degree surveillance cameras.

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